Bank of New York Mellon REO & Foreclosure Properties

Big banks such as Bank of New York Mellon’s REO departments are quite hard to reach directly by anyone looking to get in touch with them to discuss any aspect of the foreclosure homes they own.

About Bank of NY Mellon

BNY Mellon is a huge financial institution that has more than $26 trillion under its custody. They also handle the corporate trusteeship of close to $8.5 trillion. As they handle such a large pool of assets, they appear as the trustee on many foreclosed homes we see in a number of states around the country.

Homeowners facing foreclosure initiated by Bank of New York Mellon may be better off engaging the services of professionals engaged in handling the different aspects related to mortgage loan foreclosures.

Even if your mortgage lender owning a particular mortgage on a property may not be Bank of New York Mellon, they may invariably appear on the concerned foreclosure documentation as they may be the acting trustee. Usually a trustee can encompass a number of trusts that can be owners of a large pool of mortgage home loans. These trustees engage the services of mortgage servicing companies such as Ocwen home servicing to handle the payments and other issues associated with the loans that they own. So, quite often owners will be primarily engaged with mortgage servicers but not aware of the actual trustee owning their mortgage. Only in case of foreclosure proceedings do borrowers become aware of the actual lender that owns their mortgage.

Bank of New York Mellon REO Department

The loss mitigation and REO Asset management division can be contacted at 800-269-6776. You can also reach them by E-Mail at The key to successfully reaching any of these bank REO departments is through persistence. You may need to be patient while engaging with Bank of NY Mellon REO Department.

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