Knowledge is Power

When the news seems bad, it’s all too easy to curl up into a ball and hope that the world goes away. Denial and paralysis get you nowhere fast.

As I write this, I just learned the news of the biggest real estate bankruptcy in American History. General Growth, the owner of California’s Glendale Galleria has just filed Chapter 11 on $27 Billion of debt. Across the country, new home construction fell sharply last month to about half the rate of a year ago. Foreclosures surged 17% in March to record levels. If you’re having trouble making your own mortgage payments, this news can hit like the light of an oncoming train.

Remember this all important point: Our current economic crisis was sparked by the mortgage meltdown. We can only get the economy back on track by dealing with this issue. This fact is recognized on all levels of society. As never before there is hope for the homeowner in a variety of options, some through the government, others through the private sector all aimed at restoring your fiscal fitness and keeping a roof over your head. The choices can be confusing, the competing claims contradictory. Our website can put you on the right path, with credible information from experts. Here you can learn how you can potentially save your home, restore your credit and get on with your life.

Browse the site and visit the links. Understanding is the first step in achieving peace of mind.

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