Residential Property Ownership Look Up

If you are trying to look up who owns a property, there are a number of ways in which you can obtain this information without having to pay anything.

Whether you are trying to look up the property owner information to contact them to negotiate ahead of foreclosure process or for any other purpose, there are a few alternatives to going over to the property and knocking on the door directly. There is also no guarantee that a property owner actual lives at the same location. They could’ve rented out the property.

Looking up Public Tax and Deed Records

Every piece of real estate would be generally assessed by a county tax assessor periodically to determine the appropriate property tax a owner has to pay to the county. This property assessment information is made available to the public by each and every county in the country. By accessing this information, you can easily locate the name and the latest contact details for a property.

Each county requires that a property’s deed information be recorded if any changes occur related to the ownership. A county deed recorder’s office is primarily responsible to maintain these property ownership details. You can look up the owner of a property easily if you have plat number and lot details.

In counties that may have not yet embraced the digital formats, the only option for you would be to actually head down there and make a request to look up the property records on file at the county office. This usually happens in case of smaller, rural counties.

Phone Records

Phone records are another good avenue to look up the owner of a property. You can do an internet search to look up the phone numbers associated with a particular address over the years. This process can be quite useful even if the owner currently doesn’t reside but still owns the property.

Property Owner Search Online

A number of companies maintain complete, up-to-date records of all property ownership details in the areas they focus on. These sites can range from those that focus on a specific county to those that cover the details of all the properties in the country. Depending on you property owner search requirements, you can subscribe to such services to obtain the necessary details without having to go through the hassle of doing the extensive research yourself.

Using a Title Company

Title companies are the primary entities in real estate transactions that are vested with the task of assuring the integrity of a property’s title. They conduct thorough searches to obtain detailed information to ensure that a property on which they are guaranteeing the title is free of any liens. A title company property deed search also involves a complete chain of property ownership, transfers going back a number of years. A title company may charge fees in the range of $200 for doing title searches. If you are going through a mortgage closing, these fees are included in closing costs.

If you need the property ownership information, you can pay the title company directly and obtain the most comprehensive details related to the liens and ownership of any piece of real estate.

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