Worried About Your Mortgage? Use the Web to Your Advantage

There is help out there. The web is a great tool to discover more about mortgage services. If you’re a newly distressed borrower nearing foreclosure or want to learn about what a loan modification is, useForeclosureIQ.comonline resources.  ForeclosureIQ.com will provide you with the best information on how to deal with the mortgage crisis. Remember, you are not alone.

We have found that many borrowers have been misled on how to go about solving their mortgage problems. The first step is to learn. Inform yourself about what has happened and why. There are many places on the web that have been created just for you. ForeclosureIQ.com is one of them. Before completely stressing yourself out and frantically calling anywhere you can,  read some articles on the site.

I also suggest that  you beware of sites that are trying to sell to you rather than inform you. Watch out for sites with:

  • pop-up windows,
  • little informational & educational advice,
  • excessive promises,
  • multiple exclamation points and other obvious selling signals.

Phrases on the landing page of a website can also give away its  intention to immediately sell. Be careful of phrases such as: “Save Your Home Now!!!” “Free Quote!”, “Call Us Now!”, “Stop Foreclosure Now!”, etc. Do Not  get sucked into using websites like these right away. Get honest information fromForeclosureIQ.com.

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